Life Care Plans

A Physician Life Care Plan outlines future care needs for an individual following an event that prompted litigation. An evidence-based Life Care Plan assures that the needs are specifically attributable to the event in question, and are carried out to an appropriate life expectancy. 

The Physician Life Care Plan outlines the individual’s social history, medical history prior to and after the event, current status, and care needs. Future care needs may include such categories as therapies/rehabilitation, equipment, medications, supplies, physician appointments, surgeries, and home/facility care.

A Physician Life Care Plan is derived after a thorough review of medical records, depositions, expert reports, and, in some cases, interviews with the individual and family. At times, our practice will conduct an Independent Medical Examination (IME) by either a board-certified Pediatrician Life Care Planner or a board-certified Physiatrist Life Care Planner.  

The final product is an extensive report that explains each element of care and calculates the costs for these items. For some cases, the report will include a life expectancy analysis section with a review of relevant literature to support the findings.

We also offer combined Life Care Plan and Vocational Analysis evaluations, critiques, life expectancy analysis, brief reviews, verbal opinions, and cost rebuttal reports depending on the specific needs of our clients.

Please reach out to learn more about our practice and how our comprehensive approach to developing evidence-based work product will best meet the needs of your particular case: 203-838-6071.