A Vocational Evaluation is a document that outlines career/job options for an individual after an event that prompted litigation. Our philosophy is that of utilizing rehabilitation services so that individuals with disabilities are able to maximize their vocational potential. We focus on both the social and economic benefits of active employment.

The Vocational Evaluation outlines the individual’s social history, medical history prior to and after the event, employment history, education, family history and current functional status. When possible, a review of transitional skills from prior employment and the the interests of the individual are included in the analysis. A labor market review of potential occupations and related income will be also be assessed.

For individuals unable to engage in competitive employment, a Vocational Evaluation may outline various options for individuals with special needs in order to create a vibrant and productive social and vocational plan.

A Vocational Evaluation is derived after a thorough review of medical records, depositions, expert reports and, in some cases, interviews and testing of the individual. The final product is a report that explains each element of the case and calculates relevant income changes that may have resulted from the status change after the event in question.

We also offer Life Care Plan critiques, brief reviews, verbal opinions and cost rebuttal reports depending on the specific needs of our clients.

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